Thread Drawing with Sunny Carvalho

Class size: 10 | Remaining availability: 8


Friday, January 17th, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Class price is $130   [Cancellation Policies]

Class size: Minimum 1; maximum 10 (Class is made!)

Come join us for a day of drawing with thread! Learn Sunny’s method of taking the characters of your imagination on a new kind of journey. We will stitch on old quilts that would otherwise have outlived their usefulness, bringing new life to these items created with love, decades ago. We will then turn our thread drawings into a cute little bag to carry with you!

Students will need to bring some supplies for this class:

Your sewing machine – Please make sure it is in good working order and that the feed dogs can be lowered

A darning foot 

Any old, torn up quilt  that you don't mind cutting up. We recommend you use a light colored quilt, as the stitching will show up best. You can find old "cutter" quilts on Ebay or Etsy, if you don't trip across one in your local flea market. Most of the pieces we will work with will be about 6" x 6"

Disappearing ink pen 

Black thread and bobbin



Optional: We will have fabric strips, lining, felt pieces, and zippers. If you are in love with a piece of fabric that you must incorporate into your project, then by all means bring it!

"Who, me? I guess I'd say I am a painter of Ugly Girls (and sometimes, Pretty Girls!) and maker of things! I have a need to create that I just can't contain. I do something different every day. I paint, sculpt original dolls, make all sorts of fun things." 

Sunny Carvalho is an accomplished artist and national instructor having taught at Artfest in Port Townsend, WA, and Art-Is-You in Petaluma, CA, & Nashville, TN among other places. Her unique style is whimsical, lively, pleasingly odd, and shows that this humble artist never takes herself too seriously. A patient and skilled instructor, Sunny's classes are a delight. Married for over 20 years and mother to four, Sunny lives outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Check out Sunny's Etsy Shop  


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